What do I need to bring along to Akadame?

When you’re packing your school bag for class, you’ll need the essentials. Paper and pen to take notes (or pass them to your secret crush), the cheesy goodness of a le snack, and your lip smackers. Each class will need different things. You may need to bring your camera, laptop and other such apparatus, so before each class you will receive an email with the what-tos and why-fors.

What if I can’t come anymore?

Things come up, we get it! As classes are limited in size and we need to make sure that no one misses out if we can help it. We have awesome resources like Facebook pages and groups that can be used to pass on your class ticket to someone else if you need to get out of coming along.

What if the class is cancelled?

We have a minimum amount of people needed to be able to run each of the classes, so if you are in a class that has not reached this level we will work out a way to change the date or refund your payment.

Where will classes be held?

We are oh so lucky to have the amazing Windsor Workshop on Chapel St in Prahran as our HQ in Melbourne. Surrounded by amazing coffee to keep everyone going throughout the day, then a step away from the best restaurants and bars to water everyone after the bell rings.

I want to teach a class!

We would love to be able to host other teachers who have professional experience in photographic fields! If you have something to share, drop us an email at konnichiwa@akadame.net and we can stop, collaborate and listen!

I have a suggestion for a class. Where can I send my idea?

Yes, we love suggestions! Send us an email at konnichiwa@akadame.net and we will see if we have a way to bring you what you want!

Will we get food & drinks at these shindigs?

Recess and lunch is on us! There will be tea and coffee and snacks for morning recess. For lunch we will be getting out the chopsticks and having sushi! Afternoon tea will give you a chance to stretch your legs and head down to grab a coffee and a muffin if you need a jolt. If you have dietary requirements we can work with making sure there are no peanuts (or meat, or gluten, or dairy) in your serve!

What’s with the Japanese thing?

The Japanese culture is full of inspiration. They are focused on honing their craft, respecting their work, and lifelong perfection. We want to bring this dedicated ethos to photography so that our industry can grow and move onwards and upward.

You’re kicking off in Melbourne. Do you have plans to take AKADAME on the road?

Most definitely! Our awesome sponsors HELLO MAY have kindly offered their Sydney studio as an AKADAME classroom, but we don’t want to stop there! Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide. You name it, we want to go there!

What happens after class?

We take things seriously here at the Akadame and if any students muck about it’s straight to detention after class. And if we know you pesky photographers then it will likely be the whole lot of you! Luckily detention at Akadame is not so bad. It’s thirsty work this school stuff, so when the bell rings at the end of the day it’s straight to the pub. It’s a good chance to put the notebooks down, have a little chit chat over a vino and let the good times roll.

I want to go to lots of classes! Can you hook me up, bro?

We were hoping you’d ask this! We want this to be an ongoing opportunity for learning, so we want to make it easy to come to as many classes as you want! There will be ongoing sales, but for those who like to plan their curriculum in advance you can get our BENTO BOX. This includes 4 classes in a tidy sectioned tray for the price of 3.