The language of Visual Storytelling.

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Storytelling has become a marketing buzz-word. When you buy a can of Coke these days you’re buying a story. Forget what you know. This is different.

Whether you like it or not, if you’re photographing a wedding you’re photographing a story. If you’re just focused on taking a bunch of pretty pictures of the bride and groom, sorry, but you’re doing it wrong. What we’re tackling in this class is how to properly build an emotional and captivating story using a full arsenal of tools and ideas.


  • Before you can talk, you listen. (Understanding that you already know the language, you just didn’t know it)
  • Ok so you can walk the walk, but can you talk the talk? (How telling a story starts in camera, on the day) lens choice, establishing shots, cutaways, lighting, dynamics
  • Telling a story in a single image
  • The cutting room floor (artistically selecting the images for your masterpiece)
  • The premier (the power of slideshows)
  • The directors cut (the art of the blog post)
  • Special edition (where our stories belong – the album) Renee Blake