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Crazy efficient file management and fancy pants editing.

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We’re excited to share with you Eric’s Kickass Workflow™ which is something that he has developed from over 5+ years of photographing hundreds of weddings. Eric’s forged this method from having the need to maximise efficiency when it comes to creating blog posts, submissions, albums and slideshows as well as integrating his more advanced retouching and creative techniques in Photoshop into each client gallery. .

  • Take your editing in LR to the next level.
  • Do special edits in PS and plugins that will blow your clients socks off.
  • Seamlessly match the style of your special edits with the full image collection.
  • Properly integrate special edits from photoshop into the full image collection.
  • In one foul swoop prepare your images for slideshows, client galleries, submissions, blog posts. You will save hours, if not days! You must see to believe.
  • How to create mind blowing slideshows in just a couple of minutes without having to relinquish creative control (like you do with the crappy slideshow apps made in someone’s basement)
  • Smash then online client gallery game.  Use them the right way and sell a few prints along the way.
  • Quickly create a blog post using the right tools.
  • Special guest Chris Garbacz from Studio Ninja demonstrates this powerful yet simple to use studio management software and shares a few tips and tricks to impress your clients, maximise profit and increase your income.