Remember back in school, you’d have that really crappy teacher, and to endure the hours of uninspired drawl you would break the boredom by drawing penises in your text books? Yeah, we’ve all been there and if it taught us anything, it’s that a good teacher is super important. That’s why your pal Eric Ronald is our main man.

Eric is more than just a pretty camera-wielding face. Not only has Eric enjoyed many years of running a successful wedding photography business and capturing wedding stories all around the globe, his previous careers were just as rich with experiences which he applies to his work today. Eric trained and studied film and television production and went on to have a diverse and successful career where he gained a great deal of knowledge about his craft. He did everything from creating tacky R&B music videos for major clients such as Village Roadshow and tweaking knobs and dials to make Deal or No Deal dazzle the eyeballs.

He designed and built the best state of the art television control room in Australia and was flown around the world directing live camera coverage of dental surgeries (no joke!). Then there was his ever important role keeping Dancing With the Stars live on air to it’s millions of viewers around Australia,

or his crucial teenage job stacking shelves at Woollies. It’s the collection of these career triumphs along with his personal mantras that create the gold that Eric threads through each business endeavour. 

Like all of us, Eric has experienced a great deal on this earth, spanning the full spectrum from joy through to tragedy. It’s these things that have significantly shaped Eric into the unique snowflake that he is. It’s shown through how he expresses himself as an artist, how he views his role as a wedding photographer, how he envisions his businesses, and why he makes for the perfect Akadame professor.

As a photographer, Eric has achieved a great deal of success which his precise, creative and unique vision has helped him stand out in the ever growing crowd. He’s a scientist and a passionate teacher with a great deal to give. He’s your Mr Miyagi here at the Akadame.


‘Bringing photographer education into the new school.’

Diction definition –

academy |əˈkadəmi|
noun (plural academies)
1 a place of study or training in a special field: a police academy.

• dated a place of study: he was educated privately at academies in Margate.
• (in England) an inner-city school which is funded by the government and sometimes also by a private individual or organization but is not controlled by the local authority.
• US & Scottish a secondary school, in the US typically a private one: Mark left St Andrews Academy with five highers, and studied maths at Glasgow University.
• (the Academy) the teaching school founded by Plato.

2 a society or institution of distinguished scholars and artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field: the Royal Academy of Arts.

Founded by photographer Eric Ronald, Akadame is a place for photographers to hone their craft and explore their artistry in a totally new and exciting way.

Akadame is not just a workshop. Akadame is not just a community. Akadame is not just a classroom. It’s an entirely new approach to photographer education. It’s a game changer. You’re going to love it.

If you’ve been to a photography workshop before you likely invested lots of cash and left with some inspiration and a couple of handy hints. They are great, but at Akadame we aim to give much, much more. Like Billy Madison we’re going back to school.

Essentially Akadame is this…

An ongoing series of one day intensive classes based on specific topics. Your main teacher will be your pal Eric Ronald with the addition of special guests and teachers along the way. What’s even more awesome is that in keeping with the Akadame ethos we’re rocking the no frills vibe. The cost is low but the content is juicy. Very juicy. So much juice.

By focusing each class on a specific topic we can really dig in deep and sink our teeth into the hows, whys, whats and whos. You will leave each class armed with tangible knowledge, skills, ideas and inspiration that will make you a better photographer and business entrepreneur. Pretty exciting huh!?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a boring lecture. You’re allowed to talk in class at Akadame. Heck, you don’t even need to put your hand up! We’re crazy like that. It’s all about having a casual and interactive vibe, while keeping things on track of course.

We take things seriously here at the Akadame and if any students muck about it’s straight to detention after class. And if we know you pesky photographers then it will likely be the whole lot of you! Luckily detention at Akadame is not so bad. It’s thirsty work this school stuff, so when the bell rings at the end of the day it’s straight to the pub. It’s a good chance to put the notebooks down, have a little chit chat over a vino and let the good times roll.

 What now you ask? I guess it’s time for you to check out the timetable and sign up for Akadame today!